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February 26, 2017

Grands Make the 
Weekend Grand
February 26, 2017

Enjoying the playroom alone

The last week follows the pattern of our weeks lately - busy.  As is often the case recently, I go to the office late in the morning.  I continue working on some assorted paper work.  Ron was in and out at the office - mostly in.  He took care of the majority of the customers and I kept busy at my desk.  Our eating out schedule was a little different.  We moved up our normal Thursday night with friends to Wednesday since we had grandchildren coming on Thursday afternoon. 

This was Charro Days week in town, and at the office, we closed Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon.  The two youngest granddaughters arrived Thursday mid-afternoon and I later picked up Chick-fil-A for our supper.  The older of the two spent time working on a quilt project she had started about a year or so ago.  She and her older sister each had a kit to make a quilt depicting wild horses.  She worked on hers for a couple of hours and finished about 1/2 of the remaining work.  Then she chose to "play" with the sewing machine, making little pillows and little quilts for the dolls and stuffed toys at our house.

All the time she did that, her youngest sister played quietly by herself with the large assortment of toys left from days gone by.  She had Fisher-Price toys in the playroom and Barbie dolls and little wagons in the dining room.  The sewing room was soon decorated with stuffed toys, doll beds, miniature quilts and blocks. 

The next morning, I got donuts for the girls and it was back to the same activities with the exception of us spending some time in the backyard filling the bird baths and watching the ducks out on the resaca (four different varieties at least), and enjoying a few flowers in the yard.  Back in the house, it was back to the sewing machine and the dolls for the girls.

Late that day, the oldest of the three sisters arrived and all the same activities continued along with watching some movies.  The two oldest of the girls stayed up very late to enjoy some movies.  Naturally we all slept in on Saturday morning.  Mid-morning I went to pick up new glasses I had ordered and was very pleased with my new sunglasses, but not with the regular ones.  I had agreed to try progressive bi-focals, but they are proving to be more of a challenge than I expected.

Finally the middle girl finished the quilt project and we rejoiced at the great job she had done.  I had done the majority of the cutting since it was cut with a rotary cutter, but she did all the sewing.  We were both so pleased with the outcome. Next, I will get my friend, Dolores to do machine quilting to complete the project.

Saturday mid-afternoon, the two youngest boys in the family arrived to join their sisters and they enjoyed playing with the assorted toys that were still spread around.  Most toys were picked up and put away before we took all 5 children to meet with their parents that evening for supper.  The boys had a good time and I was glad to have them here.  Ron had taken the oldest and youngest of the girls with him when he went to work on a repair project at his mom's house.  The girls delighted his mom and the older one was a great help to Ron with his repair job.

We met their parents and older brother (the oldest of the boys is away at college) in Weslaco at Milano's, an Italian restaurant, for supper and child return.  We had a very enjoyable evening in a secluded small dining room that just held our family.  The food was good and the company was great.  I used the Cochlear wireless microphone, but didn't need it as badly as I do at many places. 

These children are amazing in their ability to entertain themselves and each other.  The two youngest of the children were obviously tired and as the evening wore on for them, it became obvious they would be asleep before they were home.  

We fully enjoyed time with the grandchildren.  They had not been here for a visit since about Thanksgiving when they came to decorate our Christmas tree.  Maybe it was appropriate that they showed up just a couple of days after they tree was taken down!  Actually the decorations had long ago been packed up and put away, but Ron had not had time to take the tree down to store it until the day before they came.

Sunday we went to Sunday School and then I picked up Mom for church.  After the service, we went with Mom to lunch since we had missed supper with her Friday night.  She had not been feeling well.  We had a good lunch and another lady from the church joined us.  Following lunch Mom and I went grocery shopping while Ron took lunch to his mother.  It was about 3:15 by the time we got home and I was quickly sleeping and slept for about 5 hours.  It had been a busy week.  But, we had a GRAND time with our GRANDS (the grandchildren).

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