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December 4, 2016

Busy Days - Fun Days
December 4, 2016

The last few days have been again filled with assorted activities.  Thursday night it dawned on me that it was the first of the month and I had not done the billing.  I blame it on car trouble that meant I didn't get to the office until early afternoon.  Anyway, that meant that my Friday was spent doing paperwork and I was able to get the bills to the post office at the end of the day.  On the way to the office Friday, I just could not resist stopping to take photos of some white pelicans close to the office.

Mom was not feeling well so we did not go to supper.  Instead I went to do some shopping.  Some was birthdays and some was Christmas.  I felt good about finally starting on the Christmas shopping and hope that the purchases will please the recipients.  Not having had any little girls, I always enjoy shopping for clothes for our granddaughters.

Saturday morning I was up a little earlier than normal for me, but a little later than planned.  I started baking a couple of cakes; one for Jeff's birthday and one for his youngest daughter's birthday.  I didn't have time to get into fancy decorating, so only did a little one our granddaughter's cake.  Her dad requested a cherry chip cake and I found a mix but not the frosting so I made my own (which I do for most cakes, but not for cherry chip. 

I put a ham in the oven and about 1:45 we loaded everything and drove to McAllen for a late lunch and the Christmas parade.  Our daughter in law added to the meal and we had a great lunch.  We should have left a little earlier for the parade because she could not get into the VIP lot to use her VIP parking sticker.  Roads were already blocked.

Barbara let us off near the stadium where the parade starts and then she found a parking place and joined us.  We were still well before parade time.  We watched the activities going on and enjoyed the concert put on the the Fighting Texas Aggie Band before the parade.  Then they led the parade.  McAllen rents parade balloons from the Macy's parade; this is the third year for doing that and they are a big hit. 

This year our seats were excellent - Row 2.  We could see all the parade entries up close.  The only down side was have the filming crew in front of us a lot of the time and blocking a bit of the view, but the kids were delighted.  One of our granddaughters enjoys photography and she got some awesome photos.  She has a great eye for unique shots.

It was windy during the parade and the handlers had to fight with some of the balloons.  The taller they were, the more trouble they were.  The parade would pass us, then curve around the end of the track in the stadium and pass the stands on the other side before going out on the street for about 1 1/2 mile stretch going down Bi-Centennial Blvd.  On our side, the wind was a little problem, but on the other side it was a real battle and at least one balloon had to be pulled before the parade got to the street. 

After the parade we returned to our son's home.  We never did see him as he was working on the parade all day.  We stayed a while hoping to have birthday cake with him, but when he texted it would still be another hour, we headed on home about 10:30. 

On the way home we were able to get an update from our youngest son about their most recent doctor's appointment to find out their little baby due in about 2 1/2 months is growing well and getting strong.  We are excited about this newest addition to the family that will be here soon.  We will be visiting them soon.

It was late when we got home after a damp drizzle much of the way.  I forgot to mention that as it did two years ago, a cold front arrived just as the end of the parade was leaving the stadium with a brief rain shower.  The shower only lasted a couple of minutes and then it was just cooler and windy.

Sunday morning I was late getting up so Ron left before I did.  I still got to Sunday School class about the time they were ready to start the lesson.  We have just started a study in Joshua and it was an excellent introduction this morning.  The worship service was a Christmas musical.  Our church had joined with another church and presented the musical at the other church Friday night and our church this morning.  There was a good crowd and many visitors. 

Many times before in this blog I have mentioned about my difficulties with hearing music correctly, especially new music.  This was almost all new music this morning and it was impossible to understand the words.  If it had been familiar music, it would have been easier.  The presentation was attractive and well done. 

After church I came home and Ron went to get his Mom's lunch and take care of some things for her.  I was ready for a nap by the time he got home and slept for 6 hours.  Of course, now I can't get to sleep.

The week ahead promises to be another busy one.  My mom has a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  It is at an office close to our office so it won't take long.  Next, I will be taking care of the grandchildren for two days and then I have a couple of appointments for tests Wednesday before my thyroid doctor's appointment next week.

Several projects are in progress and I hope to have a little time to work on them this week.  Much to do and much I want to do.  Hope your week is a good one.
 One of our grandsons warming up after the parade.

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