Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 27, 2016

It's Beginning to Look 
A Lot Like Christmas
November 27, 2016

November 27 is special in our family.  Our second son was born on that day (several years ago).  He was actually born on Thanksgiving morning.  But since Thanksgiving Day is not on a set number date, but rather on the 4th Thursday in November, his birthday celebration day rarely falls on Thanksgiving Day.  We have not yet really celebrated it, but plan to do it next Saturday.  His youngest daughter was born the day after his birthday and we will celebrate both next weekend.
Jeff and Ron - solving the problems of the world I am sure.
Jeff was an easy baby and a happy toddler.  We were living in Houston at the time and the workers in the church named him Jolly Jeffrey because he was always happy and laughing - except when we went to pick him up after church, to go home; he would fuss because he wanted to stay and play some more.

What a joy he has been to our family.  We are proud of all he has accomplished in so many areas of his life.  He is strong in His faith in God and along with his wife, they are quick to open their home to so many people.  He is a wonderful dad and husband.  They would all like to have him home a little more but I think he is making progress in that area.  He has compassion and empathy for others and that serves him well in his work.  He is raising seven of our grandchildren and doing a superb job in that area.  Our only complaint is that he moved out of town but at least it is just a little over an hour away.

The oldest one of his children is away at college this year, but the other six came to our house this past Friday and spent the day helping make our home look like Christmas is on the way.  This has become a tradition in the family and even as little toddlers, I have let them help decorate the tree.  At least now with a good variety of heights, the ornaments are no longer are all at the bottom of the tree.  It is very rare that an ornament gets damaged.  None were broken this year and with hundreds of ornaments, we can spare a few.  Children need to be taught to respect special things and I joking told my daughter-in-law Friday night that by now the kids were on first name basis with all the ornaments.

We met our daughter-in-law 1/2 way between our house and theirs at 9:30 Friday morning and the parents came to pick them up about 10:30 Friday night and stayed to visit for a couple of hours.  The children decorated the trees with almost no supervision.  One of the youngest children set up the Christmas village by himself.  He loves it and looks forward to doing it each year.  They helped set up a few of the table top decorations, but there are a few more to do.  They helped Ron put away most of the storage containers.

During the afternoon the youngest child helped me make sugar cookies, helping to measure ingredients, cut the cookies and later to help decorate them.  Several helped with the cookie decorating.  All helped with the cookie eating.  We ordered pizzas for lunch and had grilled cheese sandwiches for supper.  They vacuumed up needles that fell off the two trees, which is a neat trick since the trees are artificial.  They sewed, working on gifts for others for Christmas.  They worked on making a few ornaments from some supplies I had purchased.  A couple of the kids helped put batteries into the animated decorations.

It was a wonderful day!  We used my Cochlear mini mic in the car while the oldest son still at home told me about details he is picking up in his current Bible reading in the gospel of Luke.  He is very observant and had some good observations to share.  He and his grandpa got into some good discussions in the car and later at the house as they shared Bible insights.

Saturday, I slept until past noon!  I had a busy Friday.  I wonder when the grandchildren got up!  I never left the house all day.  Sunday was much the same.  I was having some side effects to the medication the doctor gave me last week for an infection so I did not make it to church.  I sewed in the late afternoon and evening and have about 1/2 of the quilt in progress put together.  Finally.  I have put it off too long.

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