Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 17, 2016

Interesting Week
November 17, 2016

At the office, it was a little slow this week.  I did a variety of normal office chores, but nothing spectacular.  I had a problem with the new wireless mini mic from Cochlear.  I could not get it to work.  I finally had Ron call their help line and as he was talking to the helpful person, it dawned on me what I had done, or rather, NOT done.  There were several steps involved in pairing the new mini mic to the new sound processor.  I had done those steps, but I had forgotten to then turn on the remote and pair it to the mini mic.  Now that I did that, it is working great.

Sometimes things happen that delay us in going somewhere and we later find out that because we were delayed, we were spared something dangerous.  I recall many years ago when we lived in Houston, I was taking our two oldest sons who at the time were toddlers, to join Ron for a picnic lunch at NASA where he was working at that time.  It was during a space mission and he could not leave the base, but we could go join him for lunch.  Two or three things had delayed me and part way there we came to a very serious traffic accident that had just happened a few minutes before we got to that place on the highway.  I realized that our delay probably spared us being a part of the accident.
Ron took this photo of a parrot close to the office one afternoon recently.
Another time as I was again headed to NASA to meet Ron, I was on the Gulf Freeway, and an 18-wheeler cut in just in front of me.  I had been following a plumbing company repair truck.  I moved over to another lane and about that time saw that the plumbing truck lost his load of pipes and the 18-wheeler was hit by them.  He just keep on "trucking" unharmed by the pipes.  If I had been behind the plumbing truck in my small Opel station wagon, I am sure much damage would have happened.  So I try not to get too upset when I am delayed or when something unexpected happens.
 The cormorants have decided to spend the nights
 in the trees behind the house again this winter.
Tuesday evening after work I went by Mom's and she and Carmen came along as we all did our grocery shopping.  Since I had been out of town over the weekend, we all had  not shopped for about 10 days so we each had several bags of groceries.  When I finished, I loaded mine in the back of the Suburban and went back in for Mom's groceries.  I put them in the backseat with Carmen.  When we got to Mom's house, Carmen hurriedly carried in Mom's purchases. 

When I got home I brought in mine with Ron's help.  Then I went to get my tote bag out of the car that I use at the office.  It was not there, but in it's place, was a bag of Mom's groceries.  Carmen had picked up the wrong bag.  I returned to Mom's house to trade bags before having my supper.  As I drove home thinking about the unexpected extra trip across town, I spotted the moon rising.  I had missed the Super Moon the two previous evenings due to cloudy skies.  The moon was still beautiful and I stopped several places to try to get good photos of it.  I realized that it is not always bad things God protects us from but good blessings that he has to show us by putting us in a particular spot at a particular time.

This afternoon I took Mom to the dermatologist and he took care of some spots she was concerned about.  This man is so hyper, talks so fast, and just keeps going full speed ahead, that he just wears us out trying to keep up with what he is saying.  One of his helpers was telling us how many steps she takes at work just trying to stay a step ahead of him to have the next patient ready for him. 

Ron and I went to supper with our friends and had a nice visit and good food.  My friend Pat and I commiserated on how little shopping we have done for the holidays and how quickly they are coming!  She wanted a little help with a gift she will be making and thankfully I had just seen the directions for the project about 10 days ago in my sewing room.   Now, where did I put them????

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