Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Kindle is Loaded and Ready to Go!
April 16, 2013

Today was a relaxing day at the office.  Ron was out on jobs all morning and I got some paperwork done, bills paid, and things like that.  My hearing wasn't as bad as yesterday.  I didn't struggle as much.  I don't know why the days are different in the level of my hearing, but they are. 

We head out early tomorrow to go to Houston to see the surgeon and we hope that we come home with a surgery date in hand tomorrow evening.  It should be a quick trip up and back in one day.  Our appointment is in the early afternoon so it should work out. 

The prescription mix up has not been solved, but I had told the pharmacist not to expect me back until Thursday to pick it up.  I will worry about it then since I didn't really want to start a new med as I was going out of town.  That is not a good idea for someone with as many drug allergies as I have.

I had a delightful supper this evening with our daughter-in-law Barbara and their seven children.  Almost all the kids were playing outside most of the evening, riding bikes, tossing a tennis ball, playing with a hula hoop, and riding scooters. 

A Christian author who I enjoy following on Facebook, Vannetta Chapman, posted late this afternoon a link to an Amazon list of 25 Christian books that are currently free for download, so I selected several and have my Kindle loaded and ready for our trip to Houston.  I must say that a Kindle makes the time waiting in a doctor's office pass more quickly.  No problem if you finish your book, just touch the screen and start the next one.

I had better go get a few things done and get to sleep early tonight.

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