Saturday, April 13, 2013

Needles and X-rays
April 13, 2013

This morning because I can't hear, I had to wake up early.  That doesn't really seem fair.  Ron was going to be away from the house and so I had to get up before he left or I would probably have overslept since I can't hear the alarm clock, door bell, or phone.  I needed to be awake before the housekeeper came at 7:45 and I was also waiting for the mobile x-ray lab to come to do my chest x-rays.  I am not sure why they do the x-ray this way, but it really helps me.  The other choice was to go to the hospital for it, but in a waiting room I can't hear my name called, so I really appreciate this method of meeting the need.  The chest  x-ray is necessary for the pre-op physical that my G.P. must sign off on before surgery.

Ron was gone all morning but he called the x-ray provider to be sure they were coming, and they had not yet received the orders from the doctor, so he called the doctor's office and they faxed the request.  The lady at the doctor's office said they had done it late yesterday, but the lab had no record of it.  A very nice young man showed up to do the x-ray and it only took a few minutes.  He said the doctor's office would have the results this afternoon.

I spent much of the day working on my Quiet Quilt, which has been in progress for a couple of months.  There are blocks of fabric with pictures of lovely, quiet things that God created.

This afternoon I was able to finish the quilt top.  There are 50 scenes and they remind me that there are many beautiful things I can enjoy without having to "hear" anything.  The border around the edge of the quilt is small pieces of the same fabrics that are in the blocks.  I have talked to a friend who does outstanding hand quilting, and I have asked her to do the quilting for me.  I am hopeful that she can start on it in the next few days.  Patty Levsen is the quilter who has recently been doing my hand quilting.  Patty is a much better hand quilter than I can ever hope to be.  She is quick in her work, and is so creative in her designs of things to enhance the quilt with her beautiful, tiny stitches.  I have come to realize that I enjoy designing, cutting, and piecing the quilts, but can no longer do the tiny stitches for the hand quilting.  I have enough quilt tops to keep Patty busy for a long time.

The photo on the right is a close up of some of the blocks.  It was fun going through my fabrics and selecting the pieces I wanted in this quilt.  My plan is for it to be used on a pretty day-bed that I have.  It will always remind me of this time, when silence was a major part of my life.  It has been helpful for me to spend time working on this project.  For years I have collected fabrics and all of these either came from my collection, or were given to me for my birthday this year by Bob and Vickey, who knew I was working on this quilt.  It has been good to use some of my fabric "stash" in this way.
After I finished the quilt top, I read for a while and then Ron needed to pick up a prescription for his Mom so I went with him to Walgreen's.  I needed to get a particular shot before I have the Cochlear Implant surgery and Walgreen's had told Ron yesterday that they could provide that for me.  So while he got what he needed, I filled out paper work to get the Pneumovax 23 vaccination.  The pharmacist gave me the shot.  He is an older gentleman and I told him it seemed that their responsibilities had changed in recent years.  He laughed and said yes, they had.  He had to take classes to learn to give the shots.  In fact, he said he was currently taking a new class on the yellow fever shot for people going to places like China.  I asked if you had to have different classes for different types of vaccination and he said yes.  Interesting! By the way, he did a great job - no pain!
So, my "needles & x-rays"  made for a rather productive day.  One of the needles was in the sewing machine for the quilt top, and the other was for my vaccination.  With the vaccination checked off my list, and the chest x-ray checked off for the pre-op physical, a fair amount of progress was made today!  I feel like each of those check marks brings me one step closer, one step further along this path that I am traveling toward gaining some hearing. 


  1. Hands together for you in your journey!!!

  2. Thank you, Dottie. Your prayers mean a lot and prayers are helping me on this path. Some days get frustrating.