Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017

How Can Life Be 
Hectic and Wonderful
At the Same Time?
June 19, 2017

The three oldest of the grandchildren in McAllen

A few minutes ago I pulled up the previous posting and saw it had been 2 weeks since I wrote an entry and that one ended with me mentioning that the following 2 weekends would be spent caring for our grandchildren who live about 80 miles away.
 The four youngest and a baby kitten - one of two they have currently
Thinking of those weekends, they were hectic, wonderful, exhausting, relaxing, delightful, and fun.  There are seven children in that family and what fun it was to spend several days with them.  The weekend of June 10, I went to their house on Saturday afternoon.  Our son and his wife had expected to leave early in the afternoon to take a week long trip.  As often seems to happen when any of us have our plans all made, things happen that delay those plans.
 The two youngest boys playing happily together
As I walked in the door my daughter-in-law hollered to me to take a different route through the house because the washing machine had just flooded across my normal path to the kitchen.  They were mopping and setting fans to dry out the area.  Our son was doing some last minute grocery shopping.  When he got home he spent time in the small utility room on the floor trying to repair the washer.  Actually I think by the time they left that evening, he had it working.
 Video game time in the living room
So on that first weekend with the children, I was there from Saturday afternoon until Monday afternoon.  The  children have never been better, and that is saying a lot because they are usually very good.  We must have all been tired because the first day everyone just relaxed.  On Sunday the oldest girl had to be at the church very early.  The rest of us were on time.  Everyone was up early, dressed, fed and ready to go.
 Early morning in the school room
Vacation Bible School started at their church that week and so on Monday most of the children slept a little late, which would help out for the evening VBS.  We had good meals and enjoyed some treats.  We did some cleaning.  It is amazing how much can get done in 15 minutes with 8 people working hard.  One of the girls has been writing stories and she spent time doing that.  The girls played dress up and one played piano while the youngest made up dances to go with the music.  They were all good about doing their chores without having to be reminded.
 The middle girl with her favorite kitten
Monday morning I baked biscuits for breakfast.  Our daughter-in-law had left the freezer well stocked with things to bake while they were gone.  When I started to fix lunch, the oven would not work.  I tried everything I knew to try, but had no luck.  That changed the menus for the next week.
Spaghetti was great (and doesn't need an oven)
Late afternoon Monday their other grandmother arrived and she took care of the children until Thursday late afternoon when I returned to stay until Sunday night.  During my time back at home, I had several appointments and I was trying to finish a quilt top that my friend Dolores was going to have time to quilt for me. 
 Ron helping the little boys with Father's Day project
When Ron and I went out to dinner on the 5th for our anniversary, I had lost my Kindle Fire.  He called the place we had eaten and they had found it and were waiting for me to come get it.  So we returned there for the Kindle Fire and supper.  We had supper with friends another evening.  I worked long hours on my reports for the accountant since I was going to be gone again.
Yummy spaghetti
When I left the office to return to the grandchildren on Thursday I was really rushed.  I stopped along the way to pick up lunch about 3:30 and by the time I got to McAllen, I was sick from my lunch.  Yuck!  Thankfully it passed quickly, but left me very cautious in what I chose to eat for the next few days. 
The boys always have so much to discuss, it is hard to get them to eat!
One of the older boys still has some school work to finish up from their home schooling.  The other of the older boys has been doing some carving and is enjoying it very much.  The children were still being very good and we spent some time working on gift shopping/making for Father's Day since their dad would be home on Sunday evening. 
 Wood carving in the hot garage
Ron came up Friday evening and stayed until Saturday evening but returned that evening to teach his class Sunday morning.  He helped the boys and I helped the girls with their gifts.
Saturday sewing
One of the granddaughters and I spent a lot of Friday and Saturday sewing.  She did a great job on learning how to make a new quilt block and then spent time sewing fabric pictures on paper to make little books.  She got 2 or 3 done and made note cards, too.  Sunday morning the kids were showing their exhaustion from summer heat, VBS. and grandma's visit.  We all did a little cleaning that afternoon and then relaxed.
Note cards made over the weekend
Hearing issues for me always arise.  When we are all in one room to eat, the noise level gets to be too much.  I can't always get the things the younger ones are saying.  At their church, hearing is very hard for me.  I did not go to Sunday school this Sunday.  The teacher is great, but he talks way too fast for me to understand.  The kids were moving much slower this Sunday after evenings of activities.  Most of the week it was 100 degrees or more in the afternoons at their house.  There was almost no playing outside.
She spent a LITTLE time on roller blades, but it was just too hot!
This week looks like it won't be too hectic.  I have one medical appointment and so does Ron.  He has a job or two promised out of the office.  I need to get back to my house cleaning.  Plenty to keep us busy.
Bringing in the mail


  1. And I thought Mama Ron was the best Grandmother ever! You, Linda, take
    the crown!

  2. And I thought Mama Ron was the best Grandmother ever! You, Linda, take
    the crown!

    1. Mama Ron was a wonderful grandmother. Wish she could have known this bunch! She would have loved them!