Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

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 Away From Home
May 22, 2017

Setting for wedding in North Carolina
As I shared earlier, I had volunteered to spend April in Dallas caring for our youngest grandson when his mom returned to teaching.  I would care for him in the daytime and they would cuddle and love on him evenings and weekends.  I told them the only time I was committed in April was late in the month.  For that a long weekend, I was going to North Carolina for the wedding of one of my nieces.  My mom, our daughter-in-law Barbara, I had gotten our tickets months earlier.

It worked out very well that our daughter-in-law had agreed to go with us since I had to change my flight to leave from Dallas but she was there to help Mom when I was not going to be on my original flight.  We did end up on the same flight from Houston on to North Carolina.  Our flights were scheduled so that we would arrive in N.C. at the airport just a few minutes after my sister who was coming from Idaho.  That was the plan.  Delays on my flight from Dallas changed that, but we ended up all together about an hour later that planned.

The next unexpected problem was a very long delay in getting our baggage, but in the early morning hours, the shuttle from the hotel picked us up and took us to our very welcoming beds.  It had been a long day.  My sister Debbie took the shuttle early the next morning while the rest of us slept in, and she got our rental car and came back to load us and our luggage to drive two hours to Black Mountain, North Carolina where the wedding would be held.

The entire weekend was filled with events of celebration.  We had missed the first one since we did not arrive until late Thursday night, but on Friday evening we attended the rehearsal dinner.  The afternoon was filled with our drive to Black Mountain, a visit with my other sister (mother of the bride) in the beautiful home they had rented, and then an additional drive to the house we had reserved.  Our place was a lovely A-frame cabin in the woods.  It was perfect for our needs.  It was quiet, secluded, deep in the woods, and very comfortable.  A close friend of our daughter-in-law joined us for Friday night.  They had a great visit and talked long into the night.

The rehearsal dinner was beautifully laid out and was a unique experience with sort of a tasting of foods from Spain.  It was good to have time with many of the extended family during that time.  As for hearing, things went pretty well at the dinner.  The tables were long but narrow.  It is hard to hear across a wide table.  Conversations were not loud throughout the room and I was able to converse with the mother of the groom who was seated beside me, and with my mom and sister who were across from us.
Rehearsal dinner
The wedding was Saturday late afternoon, so Saturday, we slept in and spent the day relaxing.  It had rained off on Friday night and all Saturday.  The wedding was outdoors on the top of a mountain.  The rain held off during the wedding.  I doubt I have ever attended a wedding with a more perfect setting.  Where the guests were seated, we had a marvelous view across the tree covered mountains, without a single road, house, or any other man made items.  All we could see was God's beautifully created world.  Rows of mountains faded into the mist.  A string quartet played before the ceremony and everything was lovely.
This little bird came and sat outside my window each morning at the
 cabin and sang a sweet song (rain, fog, or sunshine).

Again, the hearing was fine.  There were no mechanical noises overpowering the ceremony.  A few birds sang.  There were no traffic sounds, just peaceful, quiet, beauty.  The couple had some amazing friends who had traveled from around the U.S. and the world to celebrate with them.  The couple lives in Manhattan.  As for the hearing at the reception, that was a different story.  The room was crowded, the string quartet played, people were louder, and after the meal, a DJ set up with his huge speakers beside our table.
Mom being escorted to her seat for the wedding.
Sunday morning after we took care of things at the rental cabin, we drove back to Black Mountain for a breakfast hosted by my sister Janet, mother of the bride (and Janet's husband).  The gathering of friends and family was fun and lovely. 
  Lovely flowers and candles everywhere
After that, we joined Janet and her husband at their rental and eventually had lunch.  It was a good visit, the bride and groom were there for part of the time, and other family members were in and out.  Mid afternoon, we headed back on the two hour drive to Charlotte, in the rain.
My two sisters
Janet and Debra
We got up VERY early Monday morning to go to the airport.  Debbie drove Barb and me.  Debbie and Mom were going to spend a week seeing more of the area.  What fun!  We just barely made our flight due to slow security screenings.   The flight was good.  Barb and I parted ways in Houston again and I was back in Dallas by about 9:00 that morning.  Our son picked me up and I returned to my fun job as our grandson's loving Grandma.
Debra, Barbara, Mom, Janet, and me (Linda)
I am glad I was not traveling alone most of the time.  Hearing announcements in airports and even on the planes is next to impossible.  As the attendants would give safety instructions, the noise from the engines would cover their voices.  As we would arrive at the next airport they had some important things to say, (like when my flight to Houston from Dallas was an hour late), trying to tell me they were holding my plane for me.  I was the last on to board.
My mom with the bride and groom

It was such a lovely weekend.  It would have been good to stay longer, but hopefully Ron and I can do that some day in the future.  The month long break from my normal routine was nice.  Ron and I missed each other and especially while I was on the two weekend trips, I would think of how much he would enjoy the trips.
Reception dinner setting

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