Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Symphony of Sound in the Backyard
Saturday May 11, 2013

Today was a quiet and relaxing day.  There are phrases that we all use that now take on new meaning to me.  Examples of these would be, "I had a quiet day," "Did you hear about...?" or "I heard on the news..."  Phrases like that are now constant reminders that my days are all quiet and I don't "hear" the news, I read it, etc.  That being said, it was a relaxing day and for much of it, I did not use my amplifying device, so it was also quiet.

Since it was Saturday, my housekeeper came for the morning and blessed me by getting my house wonderfully clean while I did other things.  Tomorrow is Mother's Day so there was a little shopping to do.  I went to several places and while I was out I stopped at my favorite plant nursery and bought several plants for the backyard.  After I brought those home, I headed out to buy groceries.  My husband offered to go with me, but I told him I thought I would be fine, and I was. 

After lunch, I sewed for a while on my current quilt project and then spent 2 hours working in the yard - in silence - except for the music I hear in my brain.  If you have been following this blog, you know by now that I love to photograph birds.  As I worked in the yard today, I kept thinking of the things I can't hear and how much I look forward to hearing them.  Naturally thoughts of family quickly came to mind, but there are also all the wonderful sounds in nature that God has given us to enjoy.

This Spring our yard has been filled with doves of several varieties.  This Mourning Dove is said to make a mournful sound.  There were also many White-Winged Doves, and I know that most doves "coo" and that it can be a calming sound.  I look forward to hearing them again soon.

This pair of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks think that our backyard belongs to them and they are almost always there.  They make a very unique sound that can be rather loud in large groups of them; and they do like to be in groups.  These two stay most of the time but about 20 others join them many days to clean out my bird feeders.  They drive me "nuts" some days, but I look forward to hearing them.

When woodpeckers, like this female Golden-Fronted Woodpecker, start pecking on the house or a nearby tree things can get loud.  I remember that, but I haven't heard it in a long time.  Even annoying sounds will be appreciated (for a while).  Besides their pecking they make other sounds.

Warblers can sing a pretty tune.  My bird book tells me that this Kentucky Warbler has a song that is "a series of rolling musical notes."  Wow!  I am eager to hear that.  He is just a tiny little guy that is just passing through on his annual migration.  It is such a treat that he stopped by to spend a few days hopping around on the waterfall in our backyard.  "Seeing" him is a joy.  "Hearing" him probably will be, too.
This Hermit Thrush is also on his way north for the summer and the bird book says his song is "a serene series of clear, flute like notes, the similar phrases repeated at different pitches."  Oh, to hear that!  What an amazing solo from this little bird. 
One of my favorites during migration is this cute little Wood Thrush.  I think he has been coming for several years.  I look forward to seeing him each migration time, but I have never heard him.  Again, my book says he has a loud, liquid song of three - to - five note phrases, each phrase usually ending with a complex trill.  Amazing!  I want to hear it!

Even this toad can sing.  I remember hearing him.  He is loud, and he has friends!  They all try to outdo each other, as I recall.

ALL OF THIS!  Right out my backdoor!  And all of these were here this afternoon, as well as several other warblers, a pair of Green Jays, an Ovenbird, Grackles, a host of Sparrows, Muscovy Ducks and Mallard Ducks, and I never "heard" a thing.  My two hours of yard work was accompanied only by the music by brain plays.  It is good music, but God has a whole symphony playing in my backyard most days, He reserved a front row seat for me, but I don't hear it. 



  1. You have been so blessed this season with all these wonderful birds coming around reminding you of God's promises. He cares so much for these birds. He made them so uniquely different and yet He cares so much more for you.

    Luke 12:7 The Voice (VOICE)
    7 Since you are so much more precious to God than a thousand flocks of sparrows, and since God knows you in every detail—down to the number of hairs on your head at this moment—you can be secure and unafraid of any person, and you have nothing to fear from God either.

    1. God does remind me of His promises and He helps me pass the time by enjoying His unique creations.

  2. God has certainly used you to spread His word about His creatures who sing both in your brain & the sounds of nature!! Thank you for sharing them with us & for you abiding faith in God thru all these worrisome days!! Hugs & love with prayers!!

    1. Thanks, Dottie for taking time to read them and to drop me a note. I appeciate all the prayers and words of encouragement.